Majevszka Koncz BorjanaTapestry-artist

• Born on 13 Juny, 1960. in Sofia, Bulgária
• 1997-99 After her graduating she studies tapestry and carpet-weaving with the Foundation “Chance of Career starter Youth”
• 2005 Macedonian National Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia,  Donation for Demir Kapija Hospital,for the support of heavy-traumatic children
• 2009-2010 Textile and and Dressing Industrialhistory Museum, Budapest


• 2004 Member of the National Association of Hungarian Artists MAOE,
• 2007 Member of the Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists

Prizes, Scholarships

• 2017 Kárpit 3 International Jury’s Diploma

Solo Exhibitions

• 1998 Bulgarian Institute of Culture, Budapest
• 2005 Ericsson Gallery, Budapest
• Summer Fest, Ohrid, Macedonia
• Macedonian National Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia
• 2011 ” My feelings”,Textile and and Dressing Industrialhistory Museum, Budapest

Selected Foreign Exhibitions

• Sofia, Bulgaria
• Skopje, Macedonia