John ÁgostonTextilművész

• Born on 19 May, 1934 in Budapest
• 1963 Graduated at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts in Budapest, Faculty of woven textiles
• 1963 Designer at the Domestic Textile Company, Szombathely


• 1963 Member of the Association of Hungarian Creative Artists MAOE,
• 1970 Member of the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists,
• 1991 Member of the Cultural Foundation for Textile Art,
• 1996 Founding member of the Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists,
• 2000 Budacastle Workshop

Prizes, Scholarships

• 1971 Ministry of Cultural Prize for artistic excellence
• 1985 Biennial Prize of the 8th Biennial of Industrial Textile Arts, Szombathely
• 1985 Ministry of Industrial Prize for artistic excellence
• 1994 Biennial Prize, Savaria Museum, Szombathely
• 1996 Main Prize of the 14th Biennial of Tapestry and Spatial Textile (common work, Tapestry without Borders), Szombathely
• 1998 Biennial Prize, (shared), for the work of MillArt group

Solo Exhibitions

• 1969 Artist in the Industry, Show-room of the Applied Arts Council, Budapest
• 1982 Retrospective exhibition, Budapest
• 1982 Kuny Domokos Museum, Tata
• 1991 Fauerwerkhaus, Gottmadingen, Germany

Selected Foreign Exhibitions

• Gottmadingen, Germany