Erdős Júliatapestry artist, DLA habil professor
• Born on 20 May, 1950 in Budapest
• 1973 Graduated at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts in Budapest, Faculty of Carpet and Tapestry
• 1973-1994 applied artist designer of Sopron Tapestry Manufacture
• 1993–1997 Miskolc, teacher of Gábor Áron School of Art
• 1997–1998 teacher of Eventus School of Art
• 1998 Teacher of drawing and textile art at Eszterházy Károly College
• 2005 Doctor of Liberal Arts DLA


• 1973 Member of the Association of Hungarian Creative Artists MAOE,
• 1976 Member of the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists,
• 1996 Founding member of the Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists,
• 1997 Free Saloon Art Association Eger

Prizes, Scholarships

• 1974 1st Prize, Competition for Young Artists
• 1980 Academy of Art, 2 months study tour, Helsinki, Finland
• 1985 Prize of 4th Biennial Industrial Textile Szombathely,
• 1986 “Pro Art“ Prize of Heves County
• 1990 Scholarship for designers by Sopron Textile Manufacture, Frankfurt, Germany
• 1993 Prize of Exhibition “Vintage in Fine Arts”, Gyöngyös
• 1996 Main Prize of the 14th Biennial of Tapestry and Spatial Textile (common work, Tapestry without Borders), Szombathely
• 1997 Niveau Prize, Eger

Selected Foreign Exhibitions

• Paris, France
• London United, Kingdom
• New York, Chicago, USA
• Graz, Linz, Ausztria
• Geneva, Switzerland