The tapestry art is creates valuable and unalienable part of the XX. and XXI. Centuries’ art with adistinctive form and content of European style. The technical framework of local conditions and the approach of artists created an exciting dimension to this branch of art. Ferenczy Noemi, Leo Belmonte and the Gödöllő School or the Greco Workshop and other outstanding artists developed the face of the Hungarian art tapestry, following the tradition of French manufactories, and the Association of the Hungarian Tapestry Artists could continue this. The Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists is a non-profit association of public utility involving 80 members, which since its foundation in 1996 has united and represented tapestry artists living in Hungary and abroad, who are the followers of the tapestry weaving technique elaborated in France and later spread in Europe. Its members have received their diplomas at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. The number of members living abroad (Switzerland, France, Belgium, Romania) is also high. The Association has been a participant or organizer of nearly 100 exhibitions, the most significant of which were its introduction in the Textile Museum in Washington, Ceri (Italy), the exhibition organized on the occasion of Hungarian cultural year, Vancouver (Canada), in the United Nations Office at Geneva and in the headquarters of Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the exhibition in Târgu Mureș organized in the Art Nouveau palace celebrating its 100thHungarian exhibitions we can mention Tapestry 1 and 2 international exhibitions in 2000 and 2005 respectively organized in cooperation with the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. The material of the exhibition was also exhibited in the Textile Museum in Washington DC , and the American president and his family also visited this exhibition. Five 17thNational in Paris to Tapestry 2 exhibition in addition to the works of 41 contemporary tapestry artists chosen from almost 150 applicants.  The exhibition Transcendent maps in 2011 can be considered as a significant event in the life of the Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists: jointly made works of 60 artists were presented on the 15th anniversary of the foundation of the association. A unique achievement in the life of the association, which is also unique in the world, is the six large-size works of art made jointly by the artists. In 2011 the Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists received tapestry artists from Târgu Mureș, and in the autumn of 2013 the association had an exhibition in the Cultural Palace in Târgu Mureș.

Beyond the personal achievements of the outstanding artists one have reveal the importance of their common activity in their workshop. This Workshop received the instrumental heritage of theHungarian Enterprize of Applied Art, which had gone smash. The Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists took care of the almost hundred years old looms, and they create their monumental tapestries on these instruments. The 65 members of the community follows an exceptional way of creative work in the contemporary, individualistic life of art, as they work on common piece of arts. Artists representing diverse styles, inventions, ideologies and „ars poetica” can cooperate in common framework for the the negotiated aims and expressions with the dissolution of divergences under the „aegis” of the common creation filled with mutual respect and joy. This philosophy and praxis is reflected by their six, monumental (10-20 square meter sized) tapestries of the passed 15 years.