Kuchta KláraPainter artist

• Born on 8 November, 1941 in Budapest
• 1969 Graduated at the Hungarian Academy of Applies Arts in Budapest, Faculty of textiles
• 1990 Lecturer at University of Geneve. Her exploration of plastic arts and painting have spanned many formats and media, from tapestry to concept art and videos (socio-economic art
• 1974 Interconnection 1984 In the 1980s she developed a new concept of light as an art object in its own right (laser beam, UV, infrared), embodied in sundials and various lighting experiments, such as a novel representation of sacred light.
• In 1997 she realized a monumental dial for the City of Geneva, combining both sunlight and lasers


• Internatonal Kepes Society, Light Symposium Continuité
• ”Folyamat Társaság”, ”Magyar Festők Társasága”
• Society International ISIS,
• Founder and leader of Association “Centre de Création Libre”
• 1996 Member of Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists
• 2000 Budacastle Workshop

Solo Exhibitions

• 1972 Palais de l’Athenee, Geneva
• 1975 Palais de l’Athenee, Geneva
• 1978 Brussels, Galerie Isy Brachot
• 1984 Kunstmuseum, Bern
• 1986 István Király Museum, Szekesfehérvár
• 1987 Rosa Turesky Gallery, Geneva I Enst Museum, Budapest
• 1992 Geneve, Galerie FaustTuretsky
• 1993 Vasarely Museum, Budapest I Centre de la Photographie, Geneva
• 1996 Rosa Turesky Gallery, Geneva
• 2003 Rosa Turesky Gallery, Geneva I Musée d’art moderne et contemporain MAMCO
• 2004 Kiscelli Museum, Budapest

Selected Foreign Exhibitions

• Dusseldorf, Munich, Germany
• Graz, Austria
• Lucerne, Bern, Geneva, Switzerland
• Toulouse, Lyon, Anvers, Paris, France
• Sydney (Australia
• Venice, Italy
• Kosice, Slovakia